Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi from Aus!!!!

Hey everyone... How r u?? I hope all of you are doing fine in Sg..
So sorry that i took so long update the blog.. Was busy, setting down, getting ready.. party... clubbing... haha.. ppl here hell love to party n drink. 1st week of orientation, I went to 2 parties n 2 clubbing events, one of it is a pub crawl, which we go to 3 clubs in 1 night...

So, this is my room when i 1st moved in...

1st impression of the room " Wah, this room looks so depressing, dark, n smelly... :("

But i went out n did lots of shopping. And decorated my room... So it's look so much nicer now.. (Will upload the pic of the new room)

Picture that i took when i went out to buy things for my room.


Mini-golf one of the International House (IH), the place im staying at, orientation activities
Wet n Wild, water park. NICE!! BEST place for summer

Seven deadly Sin Parties :

Last night of the orientation, eggs, flours, dirty water n food coloring all over the body.

(Me and my floor mate, Liz)

Friday, February 15, 2008

at the airport

yo! hello my friends. this is my first post here. i've uploaded the photos when we were at the airport. i have not added any caption yet cuz my firefox is being a bitch. heh.

okie. you can view it HERE. enjoy~

if you want the original size, let me know, i'll email it to ya!

- yam-chan

Thursday, February 14, 2008

extra pictures from Cafe Del Mar.

as taken from 2nd Feb 2008, Saturday.

~woo hoo.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Farewell ShuHong.

Dear Shu hong,

Today is the day you will be leaving singapore. and today is the day life will be different for ya. and because the day has come i got sick. (im serious) this bring up that i cld not join the rest to the airport and meet ya for the last time. but i know you will come back on ur school break rite?? i hope you have a safe flight to your destination and wish you all the best in aussie.

i really hate to say farewell to friend esp you. thank you for being a great captain, cheermate, dancer and an understanding friend.all the good times we have together will be kept down in my heart. i wish i cld drag myself to the airport but i cldn't.(dun wish to spread germ) muahahahahhaha

okie hope to hear frm ya soon... post pics and tell us more abt ya life there. this is the end.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Love is in the Air

Hello me dearies...Valentines is coming up. What are ur plans peeps!? I wish all of you would have a great one..I will be in India and SHU hong will be spending it in Australia..sometimes i wished that the whole "I am leaving" thing didnt exist. too many frens and dear ones are leaving..haiz..

I will be at the Airport on the 13th. Hope and Wish all the rest would be there love..

Blazers, the team that played a major part of my life in TP.


Saturday, February 9, 2008

Dont steal my sun from my heart!

hey hey! how you guys doing so far this febuary 2008? it's the weekend after Chinese Lunar New Year and heeeelllooooooo year of the Rodent! nyehnyeh. i have one on the right, connected to my lappie. it's black bodied with flashing red light. -_-

let me introduce myself before i continue my awesome lameness, I'm DeeDee, DD Kotek as many of you known. yes i do have my real name(as stated on my NRIC) but only close ones can call me that. (p/s: dont even try to find out. i warned you.)

SO, amazing/ brilliant/ awesome idea to have a blog specially dedicated to OLD-TIMER BLAZERS! heh. i cant wait to share my heartfelt stories and also pictures that you thought (YES YOU...) would never pose in front of camera lens.

my camera is wicked. pictures will be auctioned. nyehnyehnyeh.

lemmegiveyouaSNEAKpeek? *laugh maniacly*

Kamini's 21st Birthday Party at Quality Hotel. Dresscode: anything indian..

and someone got into the mood of dancing.....

nyeh nyeh nyeh.

this was "Team Blazers dinner" after the competition at hotstones? uncle sam treat! somewhere along the stretch of Boat Quay.

yea, some of us cant wait for dinner... -_-

then PARTY at some Bhangra club! JANGO ALL THE WAY! (jango means mouth open)

oh yes who wouldnt forget when we got soooooo pissed drunk at DoubleO's? except for Eliza and Hong? some of the pictures i couldnt remember taking it, i remembered that me,kamini and raj were taking a breather outside and we forced mdnoor (super old skool BLAZERS) to kiss his friend. oh yes, then kamini had to call BF outside and then, never to see again on that night.

of course we all still able to feel worried with the alcohol in our system. but not for long she was safe home, and so the rest of us.

yay yay happy happy moments! wooo hoooo happy happy moments!

(L to R: Raj,DD, Hong, Kamini, Eliza, MD Noor)

i dont remember who took this but check out each of our eyes! dont ask me what was i doing.. prolly asking for another drink? -_-

this is just a teaser guys! no heart pain ok? peace!

till next time then! longer and more time consuming update that worth the wait!

P/S: on the previous post, Eliza gave a SOAP, not soup. haha. -rose soup anyone?

signing off- DeeDee Kotek.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Birthday PARTY for Deedee, MUN ("BELATED") & Hong's Farewell

Pei Ming aka "Pei MA"
Hong aka "Hong Gan Chong"

Kamini aka "Kumster"

HuiMin aka "The Evil Twin"

Frances aka "Er Xin"

Akana aka "Best coach"

Deedee aka "Kotek"

Jenny aka "Tou Fu"

Mun aka "Mancik"

Eliza aka "Farting machine"
The anorexic host
for the night


Eliza giving out the present to Mun. Eliza "This is for you Mun."
Mun, shocked! And confused. Thinking what is this for?....
Mun "???"
Eliza "Your birthday is on November right??"
Mun, breaking out laughing' "My birthday is on May."

But still, nice present.
New designer, pussy E.Y.!
(Eliza sew the cat.)

Deedee got her present from Eliza.
2 home made soup from Eliza.

1. Rose soup
2. Oatmeal scrub

(Eliza getting very creative!!)

Last, Eliza giving me my farewell card!
From everyone there n Raj my stick!


Typical Pose!


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