Monday, March 30, 2009


OMG. it's been a long long time since i've been here.

hi hong! sorry i couldn't be at the gathering. i hope to see you the next time around ;o)

also, congrats TP BLAZERS. work harder for next year, SMILE MORE PLEASE and keep the spirit up! *hugs all around!*

and here are the group photos we took at cheerobics 2009.

here to download the orignal image size (click 'download image')

here to download the orignal image size (click 'download image')

i can't log in into my account :o(

ok bye!

- yam

Saturday, February 28, 2009


Hey everyone, thanks for being there for the outing!
I had fun, I hope everyone else had fun too!!!
Jenny; thank u for organizing the chalet and food.
Eliza; thank u for helping out with that!

We should have outing like that once or twice a yr!!!! Or even more!!!

Welcome newbies to the old timer group!!


Monday, November 3, 2008

Hey peps!

Here are some destinations compiled for your votes:

1) Bintan
2) Tioman
3) Batam

Here are links to find out about the ferry ticketing places & prices:

These are info links to find out more about the places:

Read up on the places and cast your votes, also when you are available?

A. Jing Jing's recommendations to Bintan: Banyu Biru by Nirwana Gardens.

- Instead of budget chalets and lodges, I've worked out if 10pax is allowed for this Family villa, we've gotten ourselves a deal!

- Click here to view 2 bedroom layout:

- Rates are @ $400++/ villa / night, $50 for each extra bed. So for 3D2N it's $1200(incl taxes) /pax = $120 /pax for 2 nights!

- Comes with free form swimming pool, clubhouse sauna and very good amenities. Got special internet rate that works out to $102(weekdays, incl taxes) /pax for 2 nights!

B. - BUT!!! If they don't allow 10 pax right. Here's a plan B: Mayang Sari chalets by Nirwana Gardens.
- Seaview chalet @ $270++ / chalet / night, $50 for each extra bed. So for 3D2N it's $768(incl taxes) /pax = $76.80 /pax for 2 nights! Internet rate further works out to $56.40(weekdays, incl taxes) /pax for 2 nights!

C. Lastly, Jing Jing hopes you guys want to indulge too! So here's the Super posh Indra Maya for eg. 9 pax @ 3 bedroom suite @ $254 / 2 nights(incl of taxes and extra beds)
You gotta look at the layout: Woot!:
Total traveling time: 1.5hr -2hrs from Tanah Merah ferry terminal.

Basic expenses: SGD$115.60 - $313.20 / pax. Traveling by ferry 2 way @ $59.20/pax during peak time and range of 3D2N accommodations as above.
Jing Jing's recommendations to Tioman: Babura Seaview Resort at Tekek village.

- As of Jan 2008, Transnasional has a Singapore to Mersing service that departs Lavender (Singapore) at 10pm, arriving at Mersing 4 hours later. Costs SGD$ 26.50 per adult.

- When we book (pour example) Babura Seaview Resort @ RM$350-$400 for 3D2N per person, it also includes a 2-way (1.5 hr each) Mersing-Tioman-Mersing ferry trip.

- Price also includes welcome drinks, 5 meals, BBQ for 10<>

Total traveling time: 5.5hr. 4 hrs from Lavender; SG to Mersing; MY by bus. 1.5hr from Mersing to Tioman by ferry.

Basic expenses: SGD$194.50 / pax. Traveling from SG to Tioman, 5 meals, 3D2N accommodation (air-con), BBQ and Boat tour.

Jing Jing's recommendations to Batam: Batam View Beach Resort @ Nongsa.

- This resort has the best deals and overall holistically in terms of distance, accommodation and activity prices. It's website also deserves a 2 thumbs up!,ece3997f-e019-440c-9f44-88c830790537

- They have villas suitable for family or big groups. Taking the 2 bedroom one it works out to only $520.30 / 10pax(incl of taxes n extra beds) = $52.03 / pax/ night.

- Ferries are at $70 for 2 way(incl of fuel and all taxes), 35 mins ride to Batam's terminal.

- Spa packages range from a good $86-$98 for 3hrs or $30-$44 for any 60 min messages.

- Sea sports are at about average $5 / pax for eg. snorkeling, canoeing, boating etc. Skiing is about $35 for half an hr.

Total traveling time: 45mins by ferry.

Basic expenses: SGD$174.10 / pax. Traveling from SG to Batam, 3D2N accommodation at villa, amenities includes sea view pool, private beach, indoor n outdoor sports facilities etc.

*Notes: Only Tioman package includes meals, for Bintan and Batam, you gotta set aside some money for it.



Wednesday, October 29, 2008

BLAZERS on newpapers

Hi all,

Just recieved this website from Ms. Er Xin...
Well the article is not about the Blazers Old Birdies! lolx..
But our pic is still on it!! Esp Mancik! RIGHT SMACK IN THE CENTER!!!!!!!! Can see me and raj too! Simon is being blocked...
Miss cheer!!!!!!


Saturday, October 11, 2008


Sorry to upload it a bit to late. hur hur busy wif raye n new work place. so enjoys....

mon chan

Saturday, October 4, 2008

]-[ong's Newsletter Vol.04

I'm back again to drop by my monthly newsletter!
Hope everyone is doing fine... Congrat for your new uni life (Jenny).
Nothing much happened during the 1st two weeks, cause I had an exam on the 3rd week. Stressed but the exam, I hate the practical exam here. It's like a musical chair, you have 30 qns and about 1 1/2 min per question. They put us in 30 stations, and 1 1/2 min in each station. When the times up, you got to move to the next station, so if you do not know your stuffs... YOU'RE SCREWED BIG TIME!!!

05/09/2008 - Magnum Horsie Handling Practical
Got really dirty at the end of the practical. It was rainy before we reached therefore is was muddy in the paddock... Eeeee...... But was really fun!

Cleaning the sole of the horse

Me and Ozzy the horse I handled during the practical

Horses going back to the field

13/09/2008 - Do not when's (DONOVAN) Birthday
DELICIOUS DINNER!! Man, I miss nice chinese food!!!!!
I wanna have a feast when i'm back in Malaysia and Singapore!!! I can't wait for the day to come!!!

Birthday BOY

Delicious fishy!

My friends in IH
14/09/2008 - Mid-Autumn Festival
My first Mid-Autumn festival in Aussie!!! We set up the place in the morning till evening. Unfortunately, it started raining in the evening!!! So we had to clear the area and move everything indoor and with the help of "almost" all the chinese in IH, we managed to set up the things in time! Phew....

Eating and helping out!!
Lion Dance Performance
Calligraphy stall
Mooncake stall
Chinese tea stall
Preparing to fly
Ppl behind the sence

19/09/2008 - Virgo babies' Birthday cum House Warming
After the visit to the abbatoir. We went to one of my classmate's house to celebrate 3 Virgo babies' birthday and the house warming. Started the party around 1 pm. BBQ and drinks. Then played games, twisters, taboo, and other drinking games.
Was fun.... Then we danced!!!!!!!! and drink!!! and drinking.... and then still drinking~~~.
But the time we stopped it was already 11 p.m. Crazy day!
It's the 1st time I party for about 10 hrs!!! YEAH~!

Shu the Bitch in control of the game TWISTER!!!
These are the results!!
TOMATO SAUCE as forfeit - underage!


26/09/2008 - BAaahhhhh
Almost last for the practical. Good thing my friend is a VERY GOOD DRIVER!!!!! Managed to reached Gatton within 45 min... 150kph the max!!! TOTAL BURNOUT!!!! WOW!!!
This is the most hand-on practical. Had to wrestle with the sheep and had to palpate the testies of the ram! HUGE BALLS!!!! Ended the practical by playing with the kids... Very cute!

OMG!!!! HUGE!!!!
2 kids!

Gatton next top model!!

26/09/2008 - SMOKO (Mardi gras)
Event at the vet school... lots of events in the vet school... This time theme - Mardi Gras...
Went to shop for the costume! Bought the glasses and feather boa! The 1st time I go all out in dressing up for the party!
Well... Guess who im trying to be!!!
Clue; Gay and singer

Mr pimp
Mr butt cheek man!
My classmates
Butt man number 2

Butt man number 1 and 2

Alrighty... Lots of picture this time!!!
6 more weeks and im back in Singapore!!!! Cant w8... My friend will be there in Jan so we got to go clubbing for sure!! I have to bring them around to club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!