Sunday, September 28, 2008

it had been so long

hi guys, hoping that all of u r doing well...i am super struck with my work in Standard Chatered Bank, which need me to work till 1, 2 am in the had been quite gd for me although very tired....i will be starting my uni course in May'09, i am taken double major in 'HR managment & will be even more hectic den ever, but i guess i will surivive through....that all for now, gtg liao tml still haf to work....will see you guys in the next upcoming gathering...remember to msg me k....nitez...

Jenny cum the tofu...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Outing for end-of-the-year-festive-celebration!

Hey guys! Its time for another outing maybe a period after Hari Raya Puasa.

Clubbing / Chilling, all drinks on me cause I just got a raise, Yay!

We also have quite a few year end babies right? PM, Jenny, Dee Dee, Lenna, HT, HM and Mun... No, no, I remembered Mun's Birthday is in May la! But for Dee Dee, Lenna, HT and HM, I just anyhow 'boom'.

Therefore, guys I've added a Birthday board gadget to this blog after the leave-a-message board. You may add your birthdays by going to the 'Layout' tab.

More personal updates on my personal blog:

Keep the blog alive people!

Bye bye! Jing.

Monday, September 1, 2008

]-[ong's Newsletter Vol.03

Hi peeps... It's been a while since I do this...
I really enjoyed the time with you all when I went back to Singapore. We got to do it sometime when I'm back in Dec.

So I got a job as a shampoo boy for the doggies in a grooming center. Been working there every Saturday. Pay isn't that much, but it is enough for me to last for a couple of week. ;)

09/08/2008 - Soiree
It's a big event in International House (IH), where we display the different culture around the world. AS IN FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!! Yum yum...
I didn't help out in the different stall cause I got to work on that day, but I managed to come back in time before the whole event ended. Watched some stupid show that the residents here put up.

10/08/2008 - EKKA (Exhibition Day)
It a big carnival in Brisbane, last for a week, we even got a day off for that. Went to EKKA with my friends from IH.

Crazy hairdo DUCK!!!

15/08/2008 - Poultry
My first animal handling practical. We got to drive to another campus which is more inland. Took us about 1hr30min to reach there.. Cant believe I got to stay there from 3rd yr onward... SUCK!

Me and my chick

Vaccinating the chick

Blood drawing from the wing

My group members


17/08/2008 - Malay night

Went to buy groceries in the morning and prepared to have a cook up night. Having a malay night. So cooked beef redang, nasi lemak and sambal vege.. Yummy!!!!

22/08/2008 - Piggery
Went to the piggery for our 2nd practical. Was fun but I was very tired after that and fall sick the next day... Saw piglets being borne and fed them colostrum to boost their health. Trimmed the teeth and dock the tail of the piglets. Pretty cool. Got so stinky at the end of the practical!

Boots eating piglets!

31/08/2008 - Horse Riding Session
I promised myself that I will learn how to ride a horse during my vet school life. So i went to a day course about riding. Hopped on the horse when we reached and then went for an hr trekking on the horse.. Fun but with a price to pay, butt hurts so badly now!!!!

Oh well.. I think I got to stop here.. Been stressing a lot from the school work... Getting white hairs now... OMG!!! :(
Hope everyone is doing fine in Singapore...

Cheers with LOVE!