Monday, November 3, 2008

Hey peps!

Here are some destinations compiled for your votes:

1) Bintan
2) Tioman
3) Batam

Here are links to find out about the ferry ticketing places & prices:

These are info links to find out more about the places:

Read up on the places and cast your votes, also when you are available?

A. Jing Jing's recommendations to Bintan: Banyu Biru by Nirwana Gardens.

- Instead of budget chalets and lodges, I've worked out if 10pax is allowed for this Family villa, we've gotten ourselves a deal!

- Click here to view 2 bedroom layout:

- Rates are @ $400++/ villa / night, $50 for each extra bed. So for 3D2N it's $1200(incl taxes) /pax = $120 /pax for 2 nights!

- Comes with free form swimming pool, clubhouse sauna and very good amenities. Got special internet rate that works out to $102(weekdays, incl taxes) /pax for 2 nights!

B. - BUT!!! If they don't allow 10 pax right. Here's a plan B: Mayang Sari chalets by Nirwana Gardens.
- Seaview chalet @ $270++ / chalet / night, $50 for each extra bed. So for 3D2N it's $768(incl taxes) /pax = $76.80 /pax for 2 nights! Internet rate further works out to $56.40(weekdays, incl taxes) /pax for 2 nights!

C. Lastly, Jing Jing hopes you guys want to indulge too! So here's the Super posh Indra Maya for eg. 9 pax @ 3 bedroom suite @ $254 / 2 nights(incl of taxes and extra beds)
You gotta look at the layout: Woot!:
Total traveling time: 1.5hr -2hrs from Tanah Merah ferry terminal.

Basic expenses: SGD$115.60 - $313.20 / pax. Traveling by ferry 2 way @ $59.20/pax during peak time and range of 3D2N accommodations as above.
Jing Jing's recommendations to Tioman: Babura Seaview Resort at Tekek village.

- As of Jan 2008, Transnasional has a Singapore to Mersing service that departs Lavender (Singapore) at 10pm, arriving at Mersing 4 hours later. Costs SGD$ 26.50 per adult.

- When we book (pour example) Babura Seaview Resort @ RM$350-$400 for 3D2N per person, it also includes a 2-way (1.5 hr each) Mersing-Tioman-Mersing ferry trip.

- Price also includes welcome drinks, 5 meals, BBQ for 10<>

Total traveling time: 5.5hr. 4 hrs from Lavender; SG to Mersing; MY by bus. 1.5hr from Mersing to Tioman by ferry.

Basic expenses: SGD$194.50 / pax. Traveling from SG to Tioman, 5 meals, 3D2N accommodation (air-con), BBQ and Boat tour.

Jing Jing's recommendations to Batam: Batam View Beach Resort @ Nongsa.

- This resort has the best deals and overall holistically in terms of distance, accommodation and activity prices. It's website also deserves a 2 thumbs up!,ece3997f-e019-440c-9f44-88c830790537

- They have villas suitable for family or big groups. Taking the 2 bedroom one it works out to only $520.30 / 10pax(incl of taxes n extra beds) = $52.03 / pax/ night.

- Ferries are at $70 for 2 way(incl of fuel and all taxes), 35 mins ride to Batam's terminal.

- Spa packages range from a good $86-$98 for 3hrs or $30-$44 for any 60 min messages.

- Sea sports are at about average $5 / pax for eg. snorkeling, canoeing, boating etc. Skiing is about $35 for half an hr.

Total traveling time: 45mins by ferry.

Basic expenses: SGD$174.10 / pax. Traveling from SG to Batam, 3D2N accommodation at villa, amenities includes sea view pool, private beach, indoor n outdoor sports facilities etc.

*Notes: Only Tioman package includes meals, for Bintan and Batam, you gotta set aside some money for it.