Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi from Aus!!!!

Hey everyone... How r u?? I hope all of you are doing fine in Sg..
So sorry that i took so long update the blog.. Was busy, setting down, getting ready.. party... clubbing... haha.. ppl here hell love to party n drink. 1st week of orientation, I went to 2 parties n 2 clubbing events, one of it is a pub crawl, which we go to 3 clubs in 1 night...

So, this is my room when i 1st moved in...

1st impression of the room " Wah, this room looks so depressing, dark, n smelly... :("

But i went out n did lots of shopping. And decorated my room... So it's look so much nicer now.. (Will upload the pic of the new room)

Picture that i took when i went out to buy things for my room.


Mini-golf one of the International House (IH), the place im staying at, orientation activities
Wet n Wild, water park. NICE!! BEST place for summer

Seven deadly Sin Parties :

Last night of the orientation, eggs, flours, dirty water n food coloring all over the body.

(Me and my floor mate, Liz)

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