Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Farewell ShuHong.

Dear Shu hong,

Today is the day you will be leaving singapore. and today is the day life will be different for ya. and because the day has come i got sick. (im serious) this bring up that i cld not join the rest to the airport and meet ya for the last time. but i know you will come back on ur school break rite?? i hope you have a safe flight to your destination and wish you all the best in aussie.

i really hate to say farewell to friend esp you. thank you for being a great captain, cheermate, dancer and an understanding friend.all the good times we have together will be kept down in my heart. i wish i cld drag myself to the airport but i cldn't.(dun wish to spread germ) muahahahahhaha

okie hope to hear frm ya soon... post pics and tell us more abt ya life there. this is the end.


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