Saturday, June 14, 2008


Hi Dearies,

Good news, I've registered a company. Based on my mood now, I want to share one of my pre-launch piece that I've created a while ago. It's dedicated to all souls.

Inspired by Sakamoto Ryuichi's theme song "Forbidden Colours".
Composed for Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence, a 1983 film directed by Nagisa Oshima.

It portrays the main elements of communication between cultures and homosexuality during WWII. Revolving around the main characters, Jack; a rebellious prisoner, young Captain Yonoi, Sergeant Hara and John Lawrence, a British Officer who speaks fluent Japanese.

Creators thoughts:
Why are we following society blindly?
Why are we so quick to judge others?
Why are we so unaccepting of differences?
Ain't we forced to be what others want to see?
Ain't we wearing masks?
Masks that most of us have gotten used to... We are then only fooling ourselves.

"Conform" by Eliza Yeo
"The worst form of suffering is conforming to others' will" ~ by Eliza Yeo

Right now I'm not exactly happy, feeling tired. I guess I can't really express my feelings very well so I hope those people close to me can feel it instead. That would be great understanding without using words.
Cheer up, cheerleader!
Jing Jing

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