Thursday, May 15, 2008

11 May 2008 Brunch Outing

Updates updates!!!

So where did we go : Dempsey Rd

Cafe: PS Cafe

Time: Brunch Hour

Who: Akane, Eliza, PM, Raj n Me.
Missing: esp KAMINI!!! (again) n the rest.

Happening : Cute Waiter, Great nature ambience, catch up with each other and still cute waiters around. hahahha. i wonder why they work there.hahaha u know what i mean.

Message to Coach Akane,
Another great cheerleader's Leader is leaving us soon. a dedicated n cheerful coach we ever got in blazers. Wish you all the best and hope to see ya soon. your spirit of cheer will stay in us no matter where u are. The world is round, we will meet at some point. Take Care Coach Akane!
thank you~
Message to Shu Hong,
will lay you a Red carpet as u touch down to Singapore!!


Take care all of ya.
Mon chan.

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