Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Hi Dearies and all-you-hungry-for-updates-people,

Greetings! Hong, miss you so much over the weekends actually but I'm glad you are having a good time there.

Well I have some important things to announce. Apologies for postponing our next outing so many times cos we have to cater to everybody's availability and Kamini is still having her exams currently. All the best and focus k babe.

As (self declared) Head of Events and all-things-that-people-don't-bother-about, I shall deem next outing to be on 10 May 2008, Saturday. Why not next week? Cos Mun is going to Malaysia.

BTW, apart from Mas Selamat, we have a new kid on the block:

(You can also print out and keep in wallet)
Name: Kamini
Nickname: aka Kamster / Kamina

P/S: Those who can't make it on the 10 May 08. Do sms me or post it here.

Got time go visit my new blog elizayeo.blogspot.com also can lah!

Jing Jing

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