Sunday, April 20, 2008



I'm taking a long break now from my studies... Having an exam tomorrow... but then my brain is saturated so i cant study anymore... (but im scare cos i keep thinking i will miss out something)...
My results are back for the 2 exam i took.. Results were good.. BUT there were like lots of other ppl with the same marks or higher! SHIT!!! All i can say is VET SCIENCE is so freaking competitive!!!!!
Hey Raj... I decided not to join the cheer team anymore. Cos i think i need to concentrate for my studies here... But once a cheerleader alway will be a cheerleader and im PROUD of it! So I have done what I need to do... The most when I go back to Singapore I will set up a team! haha... Let hope!
I will be back in Singapore in the 1st week of July till 18th July... So pls remember to keep urself free then!!!!! I wanna meet up with you ppl!!!!!!

Show you something I did yesterday... Too tired from study so went to my friend's room and did this.. ENJOY!!!!



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