Sunday, March 30, 2008


I had a camp about 2 weeks ago. We had to stayed overnight at the farm and party.

We meet up in front of the school. 5 vechicles in total driving toward the farm.

Ppl bring their dogs to the farm as well, so was playing with the doggies

(Well is shuhong on the leash or the dog??)

This is the entrance to the farm.

Very nice area, nice day as well.

Nice lake.... This was where the activities start.

This was during the lunch time. Queuing up to get my lunch!
Served by speedo guys! Hahaha
But when I got to the front of the line, the year 5 ppl gathering the year 1 for mass massacre.

They make us run through them, year 2 - 5, and started throwing things at us. (eggs, flour, n SHIT!!!)

Was so dirty n smelly after that so went into the lake to wash up. BUT!!! I'm not a good swimmer so I didnt go far. They jumped in and dragged me out of the lake and threw me into a molesses pit...

This is the molasses pit... GROSS!!!

This is the end product of me being thrown into the pit.

Molesses - a sugar by product that they feed the horses. Sticky and thick!!!!

After I got thrown in I got angry and started throwing ppl in as well.

After the molesses pit, we tried throwing ppl into the mud.
Was really quite gross but was fun. Started throwing mud to each other and ended up very dirty!

They started playing against the year, by sending 3 gals and 1 guy. Gals have balloon on them and guy has bull p*nis hanging on them.
They are supposed to pop the balloons on the gals.

My friend a brave man, voluteered to be the iron man. He had to race with a bull testicle in his mouth and carries bull intestine....

I sprayed my hair green for $5. It was a leukemia project, where ppl voluteered to shave their hair. 1 lady + 2 guys shaved on the spot.

We cleaned up ourselves in the lake.

Nice and fresh!!!

Those ppl are mad... They used the left over cow dung and start throwing at each other. After that they started throwing at the crowd! I RAN!!!! AS FAST AS POSSIBLE...
I was safe!
This is where the party was held! IN THE BARN!
Each year has to send someone up. A guy dresses up as a lady!
1st year - French maid
2nd year - HOT nurse
3rd year- 1 Hawaii girl and a girl (real)
4rd year - 2 farm girls!
5th year - a team of cheerleaders.... oh yeah!
MOST OF THEM STRIP!!! butt naked and frontal ****

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