Thursday, March 6, 2008

Boredom Strikes

hey my dearies,

So glad to see Shu Hong having a blast at his new home. Cheerobics is coming up and I just heard about all the injuries. Seniors, pls take care of the juniors. dont want any mishap to happen. Pei Ming take care of your arm and don push urself.

Me on the other hand is now teaching at Nanyang Girls High. Will be here till the 9th of May. hmmm..Yes, I am suppose to be busy busy, but not yet. I come in at 7 plus and can leave by 2.30. but thats when i dont have anything to do. today is camp day. and im BORED> i have nothing to do and cant leave till 6, eventho i am not needed. its atrocious. my observations will only start in term 2.

who is free tml night?! i wanna go NEW ASIA> who is up for it? :)
(and the photo on top, just trying it out la)

loving all my monkeys from cheer.


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